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08 February 2010 @ 01:27 pm
Earphones: Ajia no Yoru  

Earphones: Ajia no Yoru

Author: ryoma_nakamada 

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Pairing: Yamada Ryosuke x Shida Mirai

Word Count: 601

Summary: After their concert, Ryosuke was looking for someone and fortunately, she found him.

A/N: Yes, fluffy-romance boy is back! This was spurred by the rumor (?) that Mirai was at JUMP’s concert. Yes, took me long enough to make a fic out of that but hey, I got my hands full these days^^.

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            “Good job everyone!”

            “Hey that’s my towel!” someone shouted at someone for getting his property. I didn’t mind them. A dressing room packed with ten boys just off from a concert, plus the several staff and assistants would really mean chaos. The whole place was noisy. I hurriedly took my wet shirt off and wiped my body with a towel. A flash and a shutter made me look at Yuri, who was grinning as he held his phone cam.

            “I’ll get you later, you midget.” I mouthed the words at him.

            I continued changing my shirt, leaving my pants the same. I dashed out of the dressing room with one thing on mind. Adrenalin rushed through my body as I turned from one corner to another, pushing my legs harder as I raced against time. My heart was beating so fast that it was racing with my feet.

I need to find her. I could’ve sworn that I saw her, cheering for us. She was smiling the whole time and I couldn’t help but smile each time I noticed. Awkward as it was, I saw her first when I was doing my solo performance of Ajia no Yoru. Kimi wa maboroshi no lady… Right, I just said that to her on stage.

            I went to the backstage which, I might add, was large. I scanned the place, looking for those familiar beady-eyes. A minute passed but there was no sign of her. I hunched my back and turned, my head hanging low.

            “Looking for someone?” a soft voice spoke.

            My mood lit up as I found her grinning a few feet away. She was in a black shirt and blue jeans as she clutched on her shoulder bag.

            “Mirai-chan!” I announced, bowing a bit.

            She did the same as she called out my name. “Are you looking for someone, Yama-chan?”

            “Eh? Ah… Ano…” I mumbled.

            “Who?” her lips twitched as her eyebrows furrowed.

            “I saw you at the audience earlier so I guess you were still here…” I managed to say without even stuttering.

            She grinned even harder and came closer to me. “You did quite a good job. Congratulations.”

            My face flushed and I bowed, so she wouldn’t notice. “Thanks.”


            “Yama-chan, you can raise your head now.” She said as I remained bowing before her.

            “Sorry.” We both chuckled.

            “So why are you looking for me anyway?”

            “Eh? I – I was thinking, since you came… there must be a reason…” Stupid! Really stupid thing to say. Nice going Ryosuke.

            “Hmm. Can’t a fan girl watch her idols perform?” she cackled and I could just imagine half of my life listening to that sweet sound.

            “Fan girl? You? Right…” I scoffed.

            She pouted and once more in my life, I gasped at the expression.

            “Well, since you’re here. I was thinking, do you want to, you know…”

            “What? We are minors Yama-chan!” she cried out.

            “You’re kidding, right?” I checked.

            She guffawed. “Yes. Sorry. You were saying?”

            “Will you eat dinner with me?”

            She thought of it for a while before she agreed. “Sure.”

            Yatta! “Let’s go.” I hurriedly said.

            “Yama-chan, wait. You aren’t going out in those pants right?” she pointed at my costume.

            “Oh, right. Sorry. I’ll just get changed.”

            I hurried to the dressing room, changed my pants, packed my things and greeted the others good night. Then I slammed the door closed.

            She was standing at a corner and smiled when she saw me.

            “Let’s go.”

            I took her hand and we walked together. The night was young and we had it all to ourselves.



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mayey87: Aiba coffeemayey87 on February 8th, 2010 02:10 pm (UTC)
you really like fluff no? hehehe. I did not read everything, but I see that your writing has gotten better. :D good job!

Now, read my fic! hahahahaha! j/k. xD
fRiTz: chuu 2ryoma_nakamada on February 9th, 2010 09:22 am (UTC)
awww... you read my fic.. :D


wala ko pa siya japon natapos. hahahaha :D
mayey87: ninomayey87 on February 9th, 2010 11:37 am (UTC)
oh yes i did! ahaha.

tapusa na bala. dal-an ta ka hardcopy bwas. :))))