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08 February 2010 @ 01:26 pm
Earphones: Romeo and Juliet  

Earphones: Romeo and Juliet

Author: ryoma_nakamada 

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Pairing: Yamada x Shida

Word Count: 689

Summary: Ryosuke gives a little something for his beloved friend before New Year.

A/N: The summary is LOL. My fluffiness is back! This is written in the first person POV. And if you noticed the banner, that’s me and ichiban_seiyaku ^^. This fic is full of craziness, randomness, and pure cheesiness. YAMASHI FTW! Happy New Year Minna-san!


   It had been several days since I have seen him. And there was that small part of me that longed for his presence. In short, I miss him. It was the holidays, so there way no way I can see him at school. The last time I saw him was during the Christmas party we had at their house.

                I am insanely in love with him; truly, madly, deeply. Uhg! I can’t believe I just said those words. Scratch that. Erase. I sound like a psycho. Those thoughts made me shiver.

                After I cleaned my room, for the umpteenth time, I searched into our mini-library for books that may interest me. The mini-lib was near my room. Since my parents knew I was a wide reader, they placed it there so I could browse on them during my free time.

                Anne of Green Gables… The Grapes of Wrath… Hey! Say! JUMP Photobook… Romeo and Juliet… Oh. This one’s interesting. I pulled Romeo and Juliet out of the shelf. There had been dust on it since I barely had time reading novels these days.

                I went back to my room and flipped the book open. I was just a few pages past when there was a knock on my door.

                “Mirai-chan!” It was my mom.

                “What is it mom?” I asked, not looking up.

                “You have a visitor. Shall I let him in?”

                “Okay.” I mumbled, still much too engaged in my reading. The sliding door opened and closed in one swift motion. There were footsteps coming close and before I can even look up, a pair of hands covered my eyes.

                “Hey! Who is this?” I shouted. I shook his hands off.

                “Guess who…” I heard a familiar voice in my ear.

                “Yama-chan?!” I panicked. He released his hold.

                I stood and there he was, in his white shirt and khaki cargo pants, standing uneasily… in my room…

                WTF?! Why is he here?! I'm not even cute yet! Good thing I brushed my teeth already. Calm down, Mirai-chan. Breathe…

                “What are you doing here?” I asked, tidying my shorts down.

                “Well… Uhm… I just want to give my…” he blushed.

                “Your what?” I gasped.


                “Just kidding. What is it Yama-chan?”

                He giggled before showing me a small box packed in a silver wrapper, with white ribbons tied on it. “F – For you…”

                My eyes bulged, pupils dilating, mouth gaping. Okay, that was exaggerated. “For me?”

                He nodded, blushing even more. Seeing his puffy cheeks all red made me feel giddy and all. I took the gift.

                “Thanks. Can I open it?”

                “Sure, it’s yours.” He tried to smile.

                I pulled the ribbon and neatly removed the wrapper. A black box. I flipped it open. Inside it was a silver bracelet. There were little chains connected to each other and in the center was a small heart. In the middle of the heart was my name, in kanji.

                “Try it on.” He insisted.

                “Can you do the honors?” I smiled.

                He took the bracelet and tensely placed it on my left wrist. I twirled my hand once and smiled.

                “It’s beautiful.”

                “But not as beautiful as you…” he timidly said and urgently gave me a kiss on my lips.

                I was stunned. My heart was beating so hard in my chest. I could even feel blood speeding up to my cheeks. My soles felt like they were being tickled. I didn’t notice that I was staring blankly at him until he spoke.

                “S – Sorry… That was so impulsive of me. I –”

                “Sin from my lips trespass weakly urge, give me my sin again.” I muttered from out of nowhere.

                His eyebrows curled up. “Eh?”

                I rolled my eyes. “Kiss me again, you idiot.”

                His lips landed on mine in such a speed that would put the Shinkansen to shame. It was quick but passionate; severely eradicating those lonely days I haven’t seen him. The kiss made up for it.

                “You kiss by the book.” I said when our kiss broke. My arms were on his shoulders.

                “We are just like Romeo and Juliet.” He smiled. “Happy New Year.”


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jeza_miderjeza_mider on January 23rd, 2011 05:03 pm (UTC)

“We are just like Romeo and Juliet.” He smiled. “Happy New Year.”

I like that part!
fRiTzryoma_nakamada on January 24th, 2011 04:44 am (UTC)
hehehe. thanks jez ^_^

btw, indi ko lang pag-iapprove imo membership req sa diri na comm kay idelete ko na ni sya :)) nalipat lang ko. hahah! :D